Announcing Northern California’s Team Event

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the third year of competition at The Moxie Madness Affiliate Championship. The second year was the most successful event in this competitions short history, but will be easily outdone by year number three. Tickets will officially go on sale July 1 at 1200 PST.

Where: San Jose State Spartan Stadium

When: Tickets go on sale July 1 1200 PST
Competition begins: August 31 and September 1st

Who: Teams of 2 men and 2 women (does not have to be from one single gym. Bring your best!)

Cost: $260/Team

Levels: Advanced

             Novice- under 1 year CrossFit experience

             Masters: There will be two age groups for Masters: Your birthday must fall on or before 1 September within these age groups.

             38-47 and


If you are 48+ and want to compete within the 38 – 47 age group, you rock! Go for it! But you cannot compete the other way.

You may compete with anyone from any gym that is in your age group. We are really excited about the possibilities here!

Disclaimer: Our goal is, and always will be, to give as many people as possible the opportunity to participate. If for some reason the top Masters age category does not fill, we will open up the spots to the lower age category and if less than 10 teams enter the 48+ we will combine and only have one category 38+. So get on it people and start making those teams now!

Last year Moxie Madness was partially held within the Football facilities of the San Jose State Spartans and sold over 2,000 spectator tickets and drew 60 teams from all over California. This year that number will grow to 90 teams and span the entire country to crown a champion. With event staff’s dedication within the community and a far-reaching network the event had over 100 volunteers staff 2012, giving Moxie Madness the ability to grow even more this year.

This means that this year’s registration will sell out even faster! Last year the Advanced and Novice divisions sold out in just over 2 days, and we expect that will go even quicker this year; with commitments from teams as far as Denver and Southern California the word has officially spread Ladies and Gentlemen.

With this growth we have also been able to confirm more sponsors and vendors to make your weekend enjoyable. We will be providing the same covered vendor area this year and giving our vendors the ability to enter their own sponsored teams for you to compete with. If you are a vendor or have one in mind please contact us via

So set your clocks and do not miss out on one of the biggest competitions outside of Carson, CA!

We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you and your team in August!

6 thoughts on “Announcing Northern California’s Team Event

  1. Mike Caldwell

    Do you have some minimum standards one should have to compete?
    For instance Muscle Ups, weights of lifts etc etc. My interest is in the 48+ geezer division.

    1. madness Post author

      For masters 48+ no, if you’ve been doing CF for over a year you’re going to be fine. And even if not you’ll still probably be fine. Our work puts are written to be all inclusive. The team can carry any slack if need be and there are no eliminations. Come one come all!

  2. Andrew

    What division should we fall in if 2 members (1 guy, 1 girl) has been doing crossfit for less than a year and the other two are just over 1.5 years?


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